The Backyard Vacation: How to Have Affordable Fun

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Vacation time can be very trying for many people. Gas prices keep rising, making it difficult to get to work, let alone go on a long road trip. Costs of hotels also go up during the peak vacation season. Then you usually have to buy new clothes for everyone to take on the trip. A trip to Disneyworld seems to be only a dream for ordinary people. So, what can you do for some affordable vacation fun?

Believe it or not, your very own backyard can be an endless supply of entertainment and amusement. The money you save by staying at home will most likely allow you to purchase some outdoor items, such as tents, family size above ground swimming pools, badminton and volley ball sets, and much more. This also works out well if you have pets because now they will be able to take part in the fun as well, and you won’t have to pay someone to look after them.

If your family has never attempted camping before, your backyard is the best introduction to it. Set up tents as far away from your house as you can to give it more of a “getting away” feeling. This is especially fun if you have children. It will be an adventure for them to get to sleep outside. You will need to check your local laws with regard to building small fires, but if it’s allowed, a campfire is also exciting. Everyone can cook their own hotdogs on a stick. Don’t forget the marshmellows either. What’s a campout with no roasted marshmellows?

During the day, plan some outdoor fun with the pool, or other entertainment sets you have invested in. You may want to include lunch cooked on the grill and eaten outside at a picnic table. If you have something locally, such as a zoo, you can plan one day to visit it. When you return, you will be ready to settle into your camp site again.

You don’t have to plan a full week of activities. This can be done several weekends or just whenever the mood and time are right. Make a deal with yourself and your partner, though. Turn off the telephone. Stay away from the computer. This will make your “vacation getaway” much more realistic. The time you spend relaxing will be even more effective since you won’t be worrying about all the money you have spent.

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August 13th, 2008 at 8:15 am

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